I had to have it operated on. One year ago today Janet has fluid on her lungs and her oxygen level dropped in the night. It is hard for me to believe she is gone. I had fistulas after the first and were closed with second surgery at Wexner at Ohio State and the plate placed at CCF was removed and a another plate was replaced. I had surgery on1/2/23 of which they removed 3/4 of my lower left jawbone with teeth. It is a good thing her fluid intake is good because she is going the bathroom more often than normal. I have already spoken with 2 firms and neither are handling cases of this type, How can I join the class action suit???? Copyright 2020 The Schmidt Firm, PLLC. For a couple of months, I refused but finally caved in because this physician convinced me that my bones were 10% worse than the 4 years prior. October 20, 2010 all the doctors in the va hospital in ri are shrugging a shoulder at my insistence that it's because of this damn injection. My last hospital visit was on July 27th. This was Janets last trip to this store. Reclast, generically known as Zoledronic acid or zoldedronate, is a bisphosphonate used to treat serious skeletal fractures in cancer patients and in those suffering from osteoporosis. I would like any help you can offer. I check with the hospital around midnight and they say Janet is stable and under a lot of cover since the dialysis is making her very cold. The yeast infection in her esophagus is some better, but it is still difficult to swallow. She is sitting up more today and has taken a few steps. The doctor looks at Janet and tells her that she needs to be in the hospital. She had many of the symptoms mentioned by these women. Janet is so tired; she just wants to lie down. A class-action lawsuit typically ensues when a large percentage of the population qualifies for damages. With a strong legal team on your side, you will soon discover that the courts are fair when it comes to these types of cases. In addition, product liability attorneys conducted their investigations into the damages caused by Prolia. I experienced muscle pains and cramps, soles of my feet burn like crazy, depression, anxiety, edema, fatigue, exhaustion, palpitations, hair loss, anemia and the list goes on and on. Individuals who have suffered severe side effects such as ONJ, atypical femur fractures, or kidney damage after receiving Reclast may be eligible for compensation. All these factors combined mean that children and their parents expose them to dangerous drugs unnecessarily. If you used Facebook in the United States between May 2007 and December 2022, you can apply to claim your share of a $725 million settlement that Facebook's parent company agreed . Cancer patients who take Prolia use it with the understanding that the drug may improve bone mass. One year ago today, it has been a rough night I have spent a lot of time researching Reclast and I am upset at what Im finding. Reclast is used to treat and prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, treatment of osteoporosis in men, and treatment of Pagets disease of bone. Report any adverse events with Reclast to FDA's MedWatch program. Additional Information for Healthcare Professionals: Reclast, which is part of a class of medications known as bisphosphonates, was approved by the FDA in 2007 for treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis and is also approved for the treatment of. It was his office that administered the Reclast. The doctor makes note that Janets symptoms have occurred after her Reclast infusion two weeks a go. Do you know anything about bisphosphanates? This was even more devastating news because I had never lost hope that I could beat this demon that seemed to be eating away at the very core of my being. These drugs are known to often cause the development of kidney failure, kidney cancer, and other painful illnesses. Have severe dental issues with bone loss and gum loss after taking Prolia. Learn More Featured Products view all Paraquat Hi. But you have had the worst side effect possible. The City of Deltona is facing a class-action lawsuit from dozens of Stone Island property owners who say the city routed floodwaters from Tropical Storm Ian into their neighborhood . My Endo still says take my calcium and see you in the spring of 22. Last night our cat, who had always slept next to Janet spent part of the night crying and looking for her. I have had 4 Prolia shots, most recent July, 2022. My kidney function has been decreasing recently. I am just now getting off of Prolia since the doctors scare you to death about doing so. Three Clearwater Attorneys and Their Experience in Medical Litigation. No one has helped me with this yet even though doctors have changed my BP meds many times and I am now allergic to most of them. What Are the Different Types of Car Accidents That Can Occur Today? I found out from one of the nurses that one of the doctors from the RA practice where Janet got the Reclast infusion had stopped by the ICU. 5 Steps to take. I now have a floppy Mitral Valve which I never had prior to the Reclast infusion. This covers the nose and mouth, because Janet is so small she finds it very uncomfortable. We are very proud of our legal achievements, but equally self-respecting of our firm's reputation for providing personal attention to each and every client we represent. It took months and dialaysis for anything resembling normal to return and I was unable to work during this time because the kidney failure prompted numerous other conditions. The neighbor is going to drive our car and pulls it around front. I have taken Prolia for about 9 years and due to dental surgery, I had to, stop. I just found your website. I would like to know how to join the lawsuit against Amgen also. The nurses are constantly monitoring Janets blood sugar and her electrolytes. For example, yesterday it was 177/84 and within an hour I felt it drop drasticallychecked it and it was 72/44. http://www.healthcentral.com/osteoporosis/c/76444/143544/warnings A class-action lawsuit includes many members who are eligible for compensation because they all took the drug. One year ago today Janet is on high levels of oxygen through a pressurized mask. This community is sponsored by the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Foundation, an Inspire trusted partner. One year ago today Janet is out of ICU and in a room. Janet signs the paper work and the hand that was wiring beautiful Hebrew two weeks ago can barely write her name. In the meantime, PLEASE DO NOT JUST QUIT PROLIA. I believe it was caused by the infusion; as the possible side effects were loosening of teeth! I talk to Janet later in the day and she tells me to stay home and rest my knees. I've since found that I only had Osteopenia when the doctor I had at the time hounded me to have the infusion of Reclast. One year ago today Janet seems to be doing a little better. I've had multiple hospitalizations since. They look for cancer, find none. What Do I Do with the Medical Bills I Receive as a Result of a Car Accident? Reclast is a type of drug called bisphosphonate that is given to men and postmenopausal women to treat and prevent osteoporosis. The tenderness in her stomach turned out to be pancreatitis brought on by her failing kidney function. Because of the yeast infection Janet is still unable to ear or drink. Have it heard anything. Janet was given Reclast in December of that year for the osteoporosis and had no side effects at all. Continue to screen patients prior to each administration of Reclast to identify those with underlying acute or chronic renal impairment, advanced age, or dehydration. a bit extreme, ya think? Today she is not only tired and hoarse, but weak. But next to the BP problem, the problem that concerns me most is memory loss which began after the infusion and has not improved AT ALL. everything started within a week of this shoti'm sick about it. I mowed the grass and Janet did the trim around the flowers. Reclast is given once a year for treatment of osteoporosis in men and postmeopausal women and once every two years for prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. He said that in almost all of the drugs they give the dose is based on body weight, but Reclast is an exception. Even though it is tiring, Janet gets herself ready to go to the doctor. I went to the emergency room 4 days after getting the first injection and ended up in the hospital for 3 days. Class action lawsuit against reclast drug; Past class action lawsuits; Are You Ok Lyrics Daniel Caesar. I am amazed at her energy level today. First Citizen asked the FDA to grant more extensive protection to patients taking Prolia after scientists decided that the medication caused the risk of experiencing broken vertebrae. We get there just after midnight, when I get off of the elevator on the fourth floor Im met by the Chaplin. They say it should improve in a few days and they will do daily swallow test. I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Emboli and a Myocardial Infarction, (extensive blood clots in both lungs & a heart attack). Have you found out how to join? At the end of the day we are tired and Janet is still good. [2] However, in the five months since then, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has failed to take similar action requiring Novartis to alert physicians and patients in the United States (U.S.) about the growing evidence linking Reclast (the U.S. name for zoledronic acid, identical to Canadian Aclasta) to this serious, life-threatening adverse event. I've been on pain medication for almost 2 years now because of the severe bone pain and bone spurs which have grown in my hands and wrists. Alendronate was the previously favored medication for treating symptoms related to osteoporosis. What can be done? but i'm more angry than anything else. Amgen did not warn doctors and patients in the United States about the drugs potential to cause fractures. What are the side effects caused by Prolia? I would like to know how to join this lawsuit. It has a rebound effect. You need to make sure your doctor fully understands the rebound effect and how to treat it with a relay protocol of alternative antiresorptives (hopefully you can take those! Its very disappointing. One year ago today Janet was doing fine. With no real way of measuring how many lives have been lost due to defective drugs, the drug companies are able to get away with it. Would like to join lawsuit. Judy, I too would like to join the lawsuit. CubbieFan2308. The neighbor drops us off at the front door and I get a wheelchair to take Janet to admitting.

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