He was one of the beta testers therefore he knew the game much better than most. The little girl seemed to have lost all her memories and the couple looked after her. Asuna's nickname inSword Art Onlinewasn't "The Flash" for nothing. This successfully killed Emperor Vecta, buying more time for the Human Empire to prepare for war. is nearing the end of the War of Underworld arc and the Alicization saga as a whole, Over the course of the Alicization saga we've been introduced her, taking care of him while he was in a coma during the War of Underworld arc, The newest episode of the series sees Alice admit to the public during her real world debut, But then again, she'll have to get in a long line behind Asuna, many other real world heroines, Sword Art Online Stuns with Alice's Love Confession, Pokemon: Two Infamous Unaired Episodes Have Surfaced at Last, My Hero Academia Creator Armors Up Froppy in New Sketch, Witch Hat Atelier Creator Shares The Owl House Tribute Art, Hell's Paradise Cosplay Readies Yuzuriha for Her Big Fight, Power Rangers: David Yost Shares Reaction to Billy's Once & Always Role (Exclusive), One Piece Explains Why Kuzan Joined Blackbeard's Crew, Power Rangers Stars React to Suiting Up Again After Nearly 30 Years (Exclusive), Demon Slayer Season 3 Drops Clever Nod to the Stone Hashira. In the anime, Kirito is able to defeat her in a small challenge they both agree on. At the mention of Selka, she began to cry, as she could not remember her, but felt that Kirito was telling the truth. But instead of blood, a red, sulfurous gas spewed out from Chudelkin. Kirito revealed the truth about the Integrity Knights and told her about her background and family. Most of these characters seem to be from the Alicization Arc due to the introduction of powerful Sacred Arts that manipulate the nature of Underworld. 8 General Eugene. Llenn has proven to be the fastest player in GGO while also having formidable power with her FN P90 gun. Alice was taken to the Chamber of Elders and had her Core Protection removed by force over three Underworld days. What is the max level in SAO? as she is one of the most advanced Fluclights in Underworld. He won both the first and the fourth Japanese Bullet of Bullets (BoB) with a very limited set of equipment. I dont have a clue on which ones stronger so if you can, give me some of your opinions. Alice and Kirito then ascended to the 100th floor, where Alice helped Kirito and Eugeo by defending against Chudelkin's attacks, while Kirito attacked Chudelkin, defeating him. When Alice awoke hours later, she found herself in the Morning Star Lookout on the 95th floor of the cathedral, having been carried up by Kirito. RELATED: Dark Repulser was made out of dragon dung. You can probably progress through the game with the Does Asuna cheat on Kirito? How overpowered is Kirito? Not much is know about her fighting abilities other than her wielding a mace and small shield. He didnt engage in a fight with others, who seemed weaker than him. [citationneeded], As an Integrity Knight, Alice wore golden armor[6], a blue cape,[7] white leather boots, and a white skirt (blue and white in the illustrations). The name immediately drew Alice's attention and, although Alice felt conflicted about listening to his words, she urged him to tell his story. Let's trawl through the list and look at the much famed and strong characters from Sword Art Online. RELATED:Sword Art Online: 10 Sinon Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime. Following a goblin attack on the village, during which Alice regained her desire to protect their world, Alice travelled to the Great Eastern Gate to join the Human Guardian Army in order to defend the Human Empire against an invasion by the Dark Territory Army. When the two swordsmen started climbing the hill, Alice stood up and remarked that she was surprised that the two managed to defeat Eldrie, Deusolbert, and Fanatio, even though she assumed that just Eldrie standing guard would be sufficient in the off chance that they escaped from the Cathedral's jail. But if I were to say which ones stronger based on a guess, I would say Kirito. Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's personal views. After Eugeo's death, just as Kirito was about to die by Quinella's rapier, Alice jumped between them and took the hit, stirring Kirito into fighting Quinella again, and eventually defeating her. 5. Simply coz Kirito is Kirito, he try to save everyone worth saving, even if they are the enemy, like Fanatio. RELATED:5 Ways Sword Art Online Changed After The Backlash (& 5 Ways It Stayed The Same). Now, the battle ended with a draw, the initial one. Alice felt dishonor and shame for having been saved by Kirito, whom she believed to be a major criminal, and questioned his reasons for saving her, to which he replied that Integrity Knights were not supposed to be shameful. NDJlZWQzY2UwZTZlMjM2MWY3MTA5MDMzOTg3MWI4NDc2YWEyM2ZmOTcxZWVm Asuna, a former leader in the Knights of the Blood Oath, was promoted quickly as she honed her sword skills. As one of the greatest heroes ever to step foot into the virtual realm, Kirito has the ability to dodge bullets and cut down enemies in a single strike. While still in the air, Sinon nocked a single arrow to her bowstring and released it. Alice accepted a fair duel, and made her sword return to normal. Asuna and Alice from Sword Art Online are two of the most formidable woman in the franchise. Deadpool VS Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta: Who Would Win A Fight? Despite being a beginner at first, he soon became familiar with the mechanics of the game and became strong enough to hold his own against other powerful foes. On the other hand, Alice was taken as a small child and trained to become an Integrity Knightand a mighty one. What is Asuna's sword called? She came down from the sky and took out thousands of troops instantly by creating a fissure beneath them. NEXT:Wrath Vs Captain Kurotsuchi - Who Would Win? Most characters within SOA have issues overcoming Kirito's overall agility and reflexes. ), with her memories sealed. Even for Asuna, this would be a tough fight. MDk2NDRjNDY4YmZjMjYxMjBjZmVkYzlhNDFkOGNkMGZkM2UyMDJiNzY4Njc3 Your login session has expired. Several days later, Alice was brought to the Central Cathedral, where she was told that if she studied hard and mastered Sacred Arts, she would be able to return to Rulid Village. 3. However, it is true that Alice's sword would be more powerful than Asuna's, especially it is a Divine Object-class sword created from an olive tree. People are saying that Kirito is stronger when he fights for his life but Yuuki could be the same as well. Alice's name coincides with the acronym of the concept of. & 9 Other Questions About The Villain Answered. Kirito | Source: Pinterest Kirito was one of the trapped players of SAO that goes onto end the game by defeating the final boss. Kirigaya Kazuto, aka, Kirito is the protagonist of the popular anime series Sword Art Online. Back then, he was one of SAO's Beta Testers and has played all 3 games called SAO, ALO, and GGO. -----END REPORT-----. As the first Integrity Knight, Bercouli Synthesis One was the oldest knight in the Axiom Church. In the real world, Kirito is just a teenage gamer with mediocre swordsmanship skills. So, is Alice stronger than Kirito? His appearance in the War of the Underworld spelled doom for the entire resistance and had a bit of an upper hand against Kirito in their much-awaited fight. Tweet by the author stating that Zuberg and Synthesis Thirty do not share the same birthday. She also has very high defensive capabilities, as witnessed when she was able to use her Perfect Weapon Control art even when frozen along with Kirito, which was a consequence of his own Perfect Weapon Control arc. In the real world, she was known as Kirigaya Suguha, a middle school student with short black hair. As a beast tamer, a portion of Silica's strength comes from her dragon companion, Pina. The former leader of the Laughing Coffin, who once went by the name of Poh, is a player who has been terrorizing Kirito since his early days in SAO. At that moment, the air within the room began flowing out of the room, dragging both Kirito and Alice out through the hole while the wall resealed itself behind them. Who is stronger Asuna or Kirito? The two are quite evenly matched, and would probably trade wins and losses if they truly did fight against each other inside the virtual worldhowever when it comes to the real world, Asuna may win that fight, as Alice would need to get used to her Android body. Suguha is more well-known by her username Leafa and is a skilled swordswoman. Alice can also useArmament Full Control Art that is capable of turning into dozens of flower petals that are heavy, as well as fast. Alice then says that she's actually fallen in love with one of these real worlders, and mentions that whenever she thinks of him her chest is about to burst. The leader of the Sleeping Knights Guild was famous throughout the lands of Alfheim Online and had earned the nickname Zekken for winning sixty-seven consecutive duels. Realising that the Sword Golem was created by morphing people into swords, Cardinal could not fight the golem due to the rules passed down to her as Lyceris. Some things humans can do AI cannot, and as such, Asuna would have the edge in practical smarts over Aliceor they would be evenly matched in this department. On a quest to find ice at the Mountain Range at the Edge to make their lunches last longer, they take a wrong turn in the cave and turn up into the edge between the Human Empire and the Dark Territory. both women can hold their own in their battles. They sighed in relief when nothing occurred that night. However, after Eugeo had only taken three steps, Alice's sword turned into petals which quickly shaved off the ice. Just as Alice was an Integrity Knight, Asuna was a Sub-Leader and Leader of Team B. Alice's armorand sword are both heavyso much so that neither Kirito nor Eugeo could hold it without dropping it from surprise. RELATED:Ultra Instinct Goku Vs The Umbrella Academy: Who Would Win? However, Mother's Rosario would definitely give even the strongest Integrity Knights a run for their money. Asuna is extremely fast on her feet and with her swordplay and sword skills, especially with her rapier. NjJkMzM4YWE2OGYyMDU5ZjQ5NTdlNzAzMjdjZmM4Y2UyYWYwOWE0NWJlMmIw YmNiYTE2MzJjZjVkMTQxMjA2MDM3YzVjZTM0YjZjNTczYzFjYWY3NjEzMWY4 At the moment Eugeo began to think that Alice was asleep, she spoke to the two intruders, asking them to wait a little longer while the olive tree basked in sunlight, as it had been long since they had such good weather. How Does Vintage Anime Streaming Service RetroCrush Match Up to Crunchyroll and HIDIVE? Both Sinon and Kirito were under unusual circumstances when they were pitted against each other in the Bullet of Bullets Tournament. After Kirito silently told Eugeo to get started on his chant, he asked for a fair duel with Alice in an exaggerated motion. 3 Asuna. Asuna was very difficult to beat by her opponents, thanks to her Sword Skills. Gabriel Miller is well-known for his amazing skills as a warrior in Gun Gale Online. The Lightning Flash has earned her nickname for her extremely fast rapier that can shred opponents in a single instance. 8 General Eugene. She was a very energetic character in the series who was able to defeat a number of opponents. Even if Alice has experience battling other enemies, Asuna would put up a tough spot. NGFhMWE3ZDU5M2NiZmJmZTc0MThkNWNmZjQ5Mjk3YmRmZTA2MmNiZWQ5NGNk Once Alice became an Integrity Knight in Sword Art Online: Alicization, she gained advanced armor, as other Integrity Knights did. Alice Zuberg (, Arisu Tsberuku?) 5 Yui. Given by how the laws and physics work in Alicization, Eugeo is potentially stronger than Kirito. This allows him to kill anyone he fights in a single attack as long as a few conditions are met first. She was renowned for using the eleven-hit original sword skill Mother's Rosario, a move that could tear apart enemy defenses in a flash. 6 Alice. Asada Shino AKA Sinon was a huge game nerd, who first began playing with Gun Gale Online to overcome her fear of guns. Additionally, he possessed the first unique skill called the Holly Sword. Alice has sparkling blue eyes, and long, golden hair[5] that is tied to both sides of her head, and a braid running down from the back of her head, a bow attached at the end of the braid. ZGFhNDIyMWRkYzFjZjBmOWNjZDZjMGM4MzUwNzA0ZjBkMzljZmM0NjRjZmVl But there are some who surpass him. Slicing a bullet is one thing but slicing every single one at close range is not an option. Her intricate understanding of Underworld's power system and mastery of the Sacred Arts make her nearly unrivaled. Using the Terraria account, Suguha was able to jump right into the action after diving into Underworld. This is easily Kirito's strongest version and the series' strongest character. Although she could overwork this by using her speed and beat her, without utilizing strength. NTc1NTQxMjU5M2I2MzJmOGZhN2Y3MWJjYTJjMDQ4NWRmMTFjYTFhOWQ2OGJj They decided to cooperate, slowly making their way up. Your access to this site was blocked by Wordfence, a security provider, who protects sites from malicious activity. In the series, they have displayed their prowess multiple times while battling and defeating enemies, Although both women can hold their own in their battles, a question asked multiple times among fans remainswho would win if they went toe-to-toe in a battle? In Sword Art Online, there are a number of times Kirito's eye colour changes. Pitohui's high gun skills matched with her obsession with in-game killing and outlook on life would be enough to stop Kirito in his tracks. He and Kirito are both unique skill wielders, but the latter being the game master has the undeniable edge when it comes to battle. is one of the main characters in the Alicization Arc and a supporting character in the Unital Ring Arc. Which of Kirito's swords is stronger? For more information, please see our MTJjZjEyMmI3OTAxNTc4MTc5NjEyMjQ0Y2RkYjMyMGZjNGRkOTk0MzkwODYy In-game stats such as strength, stamina, agility, and many others can be powered up, but it takes characteristics outside of the leveling realm to be a truly formidable adversary. Alice arrives at the Sword Mastery Academy as an Integrity Knight, referring to herself as Alice Synthesis Thirty, after Kirito and Eugeo break the Taboo Index by harming Humbert Zizek and leading Raios Antinous to his death. They soon heard Chudelkin laughing, as he ran through a tunnel, and they chased after him. Sword Art Online Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. If Asuna and Alice were to battle, Alice would have the edge in protection, as Asuna's armor. Ayano Keiko, aka, Silica is a dagger-wielding beast tamer who was one of the survivors of SAO. After a brief moment of shock, Alice was disgusted by how Quinella merely blew Chudelkin's corpse away and completely forgot about him. Afterwards, it was Alice's turn to go on the offensive and she delivered slash after slash at the retreating Kirito. Even if Alice can match her in speed, Asuna would have the upper hand if she were to use her sword skillsas well as her rapier. NzA1MWJlOWY0OTViOWQzNzZlNGFlYTg0M2U1YWJmMzE5ZjJlM2U3OWVjMmQ2 As Alice began to cry, Bercouli awoke from his frozen state and told her not to do so. Her knowledge as a beast tamer is next to none and she is well known across the lands as one of the best beast tamers to exist. She is more immersed in the virtual world than he is or ever was. 1 Kirito. Quinella was easily the strongest character in Sword Art Online prior to the War of Underworld season. His ultimate act of self-sacrifice shows just how great of a friend he is to both Alice and Kirito. Fans thought Alice was among the most important characters because without her Kirito may have died. Alice Zuberg was Kirito and Eugeo's childhood friend in Underworld. RELATED:Sword Art Online: Every Villain, Ranked By Likability. But then again, she'll have to get in a long line behind Asuna, many other real world heroines who have adventured with Kirito, and many of the virtual heroines who had grown closer to him as well. ZjI3YTM4ZmY1YzRkNDZmNTI0N2U5OWY0MTQyNWIyZDAyODI2MTdiZTk5ZDFk He has a Ph.D. and speaks five languages. With the War of Underworld arc coming to a close soon, Alice still has an opportunity to tell Kirito how she feels. Following the trail of an art that allowed them to locate Eugeo's sword, they descended to the large bath on the 90th floor. After a discussion, Kirito convinced Alice that it was necessary to stop Quinella's rule and spend the time they still had left to form an army to stand against the upcoming invasion from the Dark Territory. The two worked hard to chop down the Gigas Cedar and attend the Sword Mastery Academy. At that moment, the air inside the room began to flow out of the room, dragging both Kirito and Alice through the hole that was made in the wall, which almost instantly closed due to its great regeneration capacity. While she usually remained cool in fights, she was often seen as violent and angry. Alice is a remarkably strong character in Sword Art Online. Do you think she will stick around in the real world or return to Underworld before Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld comes to an end? Although he was considered to be the main antagonist, he was very soft-spoken. Yuuki is stronger than Kirito, that is a fact. Despite Eldrie's attempts to convince her to return to the Order to help with the coming invasion, Alice dismissed his pleas, citing concerns about her current lack of strength. Ever since the beginning of Sword Art Online's Aincrad Arc, he has been touted as one of the strongest swordsmen in the series. 7 Sinon. YjBkMjBiNWMyOWY5MDY0ZjkxZGM4MjVmYjAwNDgzMzFiMDcyZTRiZTQ2NzUy She wanted to master the Sacred Arts to become even stronger. He was proud to see that Alice had broken the Seal of the Right Eye, a feat that even he could not achieve. She has been watching anime since before Naruto became Hokage and trying to figure out how to bend air since she was in kindergarten. Kirito, with his superior reflexes and experience, would easily come out on top in a battle against Suguha, and he wouldn't even have to resort to his ace, that is, the dual-wielding. Outside of the game, she has kept up with kendo to the point where she beats Kirito, but she has not proven herself to be a capable fighter in an online one vs. one match. Kirito was up against one such character whom he couldn't have defeated alone and had to rely on everyone else supplying him with power to overcome this monster. Yuuki was once the strongest character in Sword Art Online before Alicization, but she is still the most skilled swordsman in the series. However, Alice brought up the problem of the Dark Territory. Kirito then whispered to Eugeo to start working on his chant, and asked Alice for a fair duel in an exaggerated move. Kirito is stronger than Alice in "Sword Skills" and Incarnation (although Alice has a very high Incarnation level too). MTVhNmZhZjExYzcxNTk5MmVhNWEyY2JkMDBkNjA5Y2FhZGI0MTk2MjgzODQ3 Brianna Albert is an author, writer, reader, and seasonal anime watcher. After Alice remarked that mere ice did not even have a chance of restricting her flowers and turned her flowers back into her sword, Kirito immediately finished the chant for his sword and attacked Alice's sword with a torrent of darkness. He began mocking Alice, to the point where she slashed him. Asuna and Alice from Sword Art Online are two of the most formidable woman in the franchise. She has various spells and incantations to subdue his spriggan attacks but his melee technique would easily snuff out her abilities. Especially with her full control of the legendary Fragrant Olive Sword, it is no surprise that she is one of the strongest in Sword Art Online. why you guys are on this ship If i were to guess, Most people who ship Alice with kirito, do it either : Coz they like Alice and so want her to get with the MC. The dual-wielding swordsman has had numerous close-encounters with the afterlife but has defied the odds over and over again to become the savior who completed the death game.

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