No, it is not a must that you get wet to interact with the swimming pigs in The Bahamas. These pigs reside on various islands in this territory including Eleuthera, Rose Island, Abaco, and Ship Channel Cay, but the main island where you can find swimming pigs in The Bahamas is Big Major Cay. 10, maybe 15 piglets. We brought grapes and potatoes and the pigs seemed please! 33 Likes, TikTok video from Kelly Hennessy (@kellyhennessy88): "#antigua #antiguaandbarbuda #swimmingwithpigs #fyp". When I pressed further, she quickly changed the subject and no longer had any interest talking with me. Usually, these tours are day trips. Water is always welcome! At this point, you might be thinking, Whats she so worked up about? Not only will you be able to book your tour easily from your resort, but you can also enjoy high-quality inclusions in a luxurious atmosphere. These sanctuaries are The Bahamas National Parks. Dont wear expensive jewelry - You might want to consider leaving your more pricy jewelry behind or not wearing any jewelry at all during this and other excursions in The Bahamas as these items can easily get lost. To find out how you can make this dream a reality, see below the best places to swim with incredible marine life (and some land mammals too). Where and how to visit the original swimming pigs, The best time to go swimming with the pigs, Tips for interactiong with the swimming pigs, FAQs about swimming with the pigs in The Bahamas, Eleuthera Swimming Pigs and Snorkeling Experience, best places to go snorkeling in The Bahamas, Escape To Paradise: Experience Adventure And Relaxation At Good Hope Estate, Grenada Beaches: The 9 Best Beaches on the Island to Soak in the Sun. Big Major Cay, an uninhabited island in the Bahamas, is home to dozens of feral pigs. Most tours just spend a few hours on the island and then return to the mainland. She also reminded me that in nature, pigs coat themselves in mud as natural sun protectant, but on the sandy beach in the Caribbean, they dont have access to mud. Move slowly and steadily beneath the surface. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to our collection, storage, use, and disclosure of your personal info in accordance with our privacy policy as well as to receiving e-mails from us. Home All Posts Vegan Travel Sadly, Pig Beach Isnt Paradise for the Swimming Pigs in the Bahamas. We stopped by for about 20 minutes on our boat day. This blog post about the sharks of The Maldives will answer all of your questions about sharks and if you're a shark-lover, where exactly you can swim with them! Whatever you decide to do, this vacation will be one you won't soon forget! The bigger fish, ranging between 30-80 pounds, congregate on the reefs. If you're looking to become a certified PADI Open Water diver, check out out 6-night Diving Course Trip! After recovering from the glee of fraternizing with little piglets in paradise, I started to notice the abrasions on their skin. The latter option (taking your own boat) may soon be prohibited due to changing regulations from the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources in The Bahamas, so it's a good idea to verify before you go. Documenting The Road to Slaughter: The Girl Behind The, 20 Vegan Travel Destinations with Incredible Plant-Based. A few other tips include bringing lots of sunscreen, water, and snacks with you on the boat. The pigs are funny to watch swim but only the larger ones came around when we were there. They love the fact that visitors to this island sometimes come bearing gifts (food!) Insect repellent - Keep safe from bug bites by packing some repellant and bringing it along with you for your tour to Pig Island. though there may soon be some restrictions implemented regarding who can feed the pigs, and when (more details later). We hope that this will encourage you to dive with sharks in the Maldives! Home. In this episode of our Bahamas Adventure we head over to Meeks Patch Island to see the pigs! I really wanted to just rescue one but my hubby had to talk some sense in me, they will grow up to be a giant hog. There are so many wonderful places to travel and summer vacation activities to participate in without exploiting animals. Astronauts have been quoted over history for saying the Bahamas' Exuma Cays are the most beautiful view on Earth when viewed from space. The famous Pig Beach in the Caribbean is not as innocent as it may seem. Visitors are permitted to snorkel on the surface of the lake only and dont worry about painful stings, these jellyfish are harmless. A boat ride is the only way to get to Pig Beach in The Bahamas. Please help spread the word to let people know that Pig Island is no paradise for the pigs, but rather a tourist attraction not a whole lot different from Sea World or the Zoo. Most excursions and tours booked through the resort include pick up and drop off back to the resort. I loved it and spent a very long time petting the sweet little babies as they slept in the shade. Here are some more details on the distance from Nassau (New Providence) and George Town (Exuma) to Pig Island: 82 miles from Nassau (132 km) = 2-3-hour boat ride to the SE As enormous non-native animals that are an unusual mix between feral and domestic, they run right up to people, but are often aggressive and pose a serious danger to visitors. One of the most popular local legends revolves around a man named Wayde Nixon who is said to have brought the pigs to the islands along with business partner Don Rolle. Be gentle, quiet, subtle and respectful. Taking a day trip to Eleuthera is a great way to experience swimming pigs in The Bahamas. While Exuma is the nearest island to the best swimming pigs excursions in The Bahamas, it is not hard to plan a trip to Pig Island from Nassau. TikTok video from katie sigmond (@katie_sigmond): "swimming with wild pigs". Then I started to worry that all of these pigs were suffering from severe burns from being exposed to the strong Caribbean sunshine day after day. The pigs came to the water when they heard our dingy, but when we clearly were not feeding them they mostly ignored us and quite a few were just sleeping. Here are some city guides for popular vegan travel destinations: The sky is the limitand I promise that when youre visiting a place that you know is not doing harm youll have a much better time. Visit Pig Beach from Staniel Cay (a small island near Big Mayor Cay, the island on which the pigs live) - 10 minutes away by boat Visit Pig Beach from Great Exuma - 2 hours away by boat Visit Pig Beach from Nassau - a 35-min flight to Staniel Cay, or 3-hr speedboat ride Welcome to World of Vegan, where we love playing in the kitchen with music on, sipping a cocktailor mocktailwhile we cook, making a big joyful mess, and cleaning it up with all-natural cleaning spray and a compostable sponge. Another place where you can find swimming pigs is on Sandy Cay, which is in the middle of Long Island on the western side. Reading this article I dont believe that you actually went to pig beach. Around $50 USD or BSD should suffice, preferably in smaller bills. Diving with sharks is a unique, humbling and incredible experience. In fact, here are some international statistics about all sharks to reassure you: The global average of shark attacks is on average 65 attacks per year. Head to the fish market to see the catch from the Indian Ocean, view landmarks such as the President's Palace, Sultan Park, and Friday Mosque. An uninhabited island in the Bahamas, crystal clear waters with tropical fish swimming by, and an endless supply of treats from locals and visitors. If you are scared of the pigs, do not walk onto the beach with any food at all. If you have never seen a pig its a cool experience. The Swimming Pigs Experience Skin Abrasions, Severe Sunburns & Unreliable Food Sources I thought back to my visits to Farm Sanctuary, and recalled how the staff there would put sunblock on the pigs during the summer because their pale skin is sensitive and can easily burn. World of Vegan founder Michelle Taylor Cehn and her husband booked a honeymoon trip to the Bahamas to swim with pigs on Pig Island. As we see time and again, profiting off of the lives of others often leads to exploitation. Clearly multiple litters. ivy frank ocean - . The same goes when fishing over the flats, the only caveat being that the fish here are smaller, usually hitting between 10-15 pounds. Presumably, these pigs have inspired countless people to leave pork and bacon of their platewhich is wonderful. There was quite a bit of poo on the beach which must be get cleaned up regularly otherwise the beach would be covered. The idea is to blend into the reef wall or seabed and observe the shark with minimal disturbance. Anybody who has dived with sharks in the Maldives will confirm that it is a pleasure and a treat. Sitting seaside with the Exuma pigs of Pig Beach at your feet, white sand between your toes, and the sunshine in the sky above, things will seem like they can't get much better. It was then that the babies came running over. Tips for interactiong with the swimming pigs Would like to insert exploitation on third-world countries by developed nations. to my first and only comment because there doesnt seem to be a way to edit comments. Marsa Alam in Egypt is one of the most famous diving destinations in the Red Sea and for good reason. I thought back to my visits to Farm Sanctuary, and recalled how the staff there would put sunblock on the pigs during the summer because their pale skin is sensitive and can easily burn. Dove Cay is in northwest Long Island. Called golden cnidarians, there was once thought to be eight million in the lake but their numbers have sadly declined over the years. The entire reason I chose this honeymoon destination to swim with the pigs was because I wanted to see, I realized that this is an animal tourist attraction not a whole lot different from the orcas imprisoned at, Despite this, most of the tourists I talked with were not aware of any safety precautions they should take when interacting with the pigs. Between June and October each year, around 2,000 manta rays arrive at the island. It can take around 1 hour and 26 minutes to get there by boat. If you want to catch a boat to Big Major Cay from Great Exuma or Nassau, youll either need to book a tour, charter your own boat or catch a ride with a friend who owns one. It is one of over three hundred islands that make up the chain of Exuma Islands, that form the seven hundred island of the Bahamas. If you rent a boat, consider hiring a tour guide who can help you navigate this experience. Depending on whom you ask, you might hear stories about how the pigs were brought to The Bahamas by sailors (or possibly even hungry pirates!). ST41785, FAQs about swimming with the pigs in The Bahamas. Click here for a large version Map. Various tour companies will have different prices for this excursion. The swimming pigs on this beautiful island are not as famous as their cousins on Big Major Cay, but its fun to take a day trip from Treasure Cay to No Name Cay to see them. Skip the theme parks and opt for an open ocean encounter with a dolphin. Always be cautious when approaching the animals, and especially when handling them. Instead of visiting pig beach, how about one of these vegan-friendly travel destinations? Sandy Cay is a private island so youll need an approved tour boat to take you there. Get in touch with Honeymoon Dreams to plan your Bahamas honeymoon including a trip to swim with the pigs. Hi! You may be able to interact with the pigs right from the boat as they tend to swim out to meet arriving boats. As you float across the shimmering waters of The Bahamas, past exotic islands and cays, the view itself will speak of paradise. Ready to celebrate every step you make to live a life you love and make the world a better place while youre at it? honeypie - flora . You stop look at pigs then leave. Most pigs in existence today are suffering factory farms, Best Vegan Restaurants in Oakland, California. The most common sharks spotted in the Maldives are: The blacktip reef shark is easily spotted everywhere in the Maldives and is identified by the black tips on its fins. Its a nice beach area but busy with tourists and the pigs are pooping on the edge of the beach. Then we need to be friends! They were so tinyand dirty! The tiger shark has the reputation of being aggressive, but they can still be swimmed and dived with, without any danger. You can get to Pig Island from Exuma fairly easily.

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