Looking on the product page for that particular camera at night muddy Pro-Cam 20 deer camera you can 2-8. Manuals and user guides for muddy mtc600. Web view and download muddy mtc100k instruction. 2000-10-13 00:00:00. Muddy Pro-cam 10 Trail Camera - Mtc100 UPC: 813094022540 Mfg Part#: MTC100 Vendor: Muddy SKU#: 1006892 The Muddy Pro-Cam 10 delivers crystal clear video and still imagery of wildlife, wilderness, and natural habitats day and night. The cameras are at an extremely affordable price. Next. If youre located further south, then perennialclover food plotsandalfalfa fieldswill likely be greening up by then, and the deer will definitely be spending time in them. This trail camera schedule is meant to give you some new ideas onhow andwhen to use trail camerasthroughoutthe year so you can have the best hunting opportunities. Since your trail cameras will likely be located on scrapes, using photo bursts or videos are a good way to get great shots of the bucks in your area. Customer In open fields, you shouldnt have to worry about the snow anymoreand theres no growing vegetation that will interfere with the pictures, so you can resumeyourtrail camera mounting heightatabout 3 feet off the ground to get a good deer eye level shot. 20MP Photos And1280x720 HD Videos. /* characters with short brown hair and glasses,

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