It has great coverage and usually very fast. The Flash Fire ability is underrated, but if you can pick up Drought do so. Also, I must respectfully disagree with you on Aggron and Surf. - Close Combat No backup should be needed, but Gyarados is a good fallback. - Surf - Swords Dance / X-Scissor. Flygon is the powerhouse of the team (it's worth training up Trapinch). P.S. - Acupressure. Thanks! Swampert is my personal favorite of the three starters. Earthquake is Earthquake, no explanation needed. - Steel Wing. Ability: Poison Heal Please follow these guidelines regarding detail in your post:. Swampert can't get Ice Punch for Grass coverage, but it can get Ice Beam. - Overheat (TM) - Fly Gardevoir is a great Pokemon in Gen 6 becuase of its new Fairy typing. - Surf TM42 Faade can be purchased in Mauville City for 10,000 Pokmon Dollars. Thunderbolt: Given by Wattson after calming the box legendary and investigating New Mauville Ability: Torrent --> Swift Swim - Thunderbolt. I call it a SpA Sweeper Specialist. Both evolutions' respective STABs are accounted for, and they both have coverage against Ghosts. With Recover and Acupressure (which sharply raises a random stat), it will be alive for a while. - Dark Pulse. Linoone is basically a HM Slave with Cut, Strength and Rock Smash. Close Combat: Great coverage move. Surf: STAB and an HM. Treecko overall has pretty good stats, including great Special Attack and Speed and solid Attack, which are great combined with Sceptile's large movepool. Don't evolve Vibrava until Level 47, so it can learn Boomburst. Sub-par Attack at base 85 and very bad defenses. - Rock Smash - Iron Tail: Level 35 - Moonblast Woah. Once you get to the Battle Resort, there are a lot of good moves he can learn, including two great STAB moves! - Nasty Plot Ability: Static Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on this thread! U-turn is an option, but in-game you can switch when you need to. - Howl (starting move) > Spark (Level 13) > Discharge (Level 30) The other moves are pretty self explanatory, although you can use a mixed set with Psychic > Zen Headbutt for accuracy. I'll make one for Blaziken because who doesn't love the fire chicken? Linoone - Crabhammer - Shadow Claw. - Close Combat (Assuming you don't throw out Mega Sceptile in front of Glacia or something), Sceptile @ Sceptilite - Moonblast Cacturne is a great mon, and its Needle Arms do a surprising amount of damage. - Flash Cannon So Energy Ball is STAB, Dragon Claw is STAB as a mega and Earthquake and Rock Slide cover all other weaknesses. Ability: Pickup Ability: Overgrow > Lightning Rod Nothing. - Flare Blitz / Blaze Kick - Earthquake. Mt. - Earthquake / Knock Off / Heavy Slam / Poison Jab. He has amazing Special Defence and good Attack, and a pretty great movepool. - Giga Drain / Leaf Storm Moving on to Route 102, we catch a Ralts, who eventually becomes Gardevoir! What is a good in-game team for Let's Go, Pikachu and Lets Go, Eevee? Today's team is Gen 6/3 ORAS starting with Mudkip. Raichu is fast enough to not need Quick Attack. It has enough power to easily drag a boulder weighing more than a ton. Mega-Pokmon adds a great boost to Pokmon. - Frenzy Plant: from Mauville Move Tutor Ability: Frisk --> Prankster Here's the team I played through Omega Ruby with! Where can you get the Magnet for Magnezone? Glacia: Hariyama OHKOes both Glalie (and Walrein with Close Combat after a Fake Out), so the only annoyances are the Froslass. Exploud can't learn Thunderbolt and you can only get Shockwave from Transfer or from the move Tutor. TM Earthquake: Seafloor Cavern (on the main path, can't miss it) This is a very balanced team around Mudkip. Supersalamence93 here bringing you another Pokemon Teambuilder. Quick Attack is primarily used to conserve PP on more powerful moves, and to break Sturdy on specific Pokemon. As good as any other Pokemon are, Mega Heracross is a flat out boss. I won't bother listing the locations of these HM's, since their necessary to complete the game anyway. Tate & Liza: Send out Swampert and Gyarados. Also on Route 111, we encounter one of the most underrated Gen 3 mons IMO. Discharge is the best STAB move it gets (The sidequest for TM24 Thunderbolt comes too late and is a waste of time). Acrobatics is deadly when not holding an item. Waterfall is your Water STAB and gets you to Ever Grande City, Play Rough is your Fairy STAB move, and Bulldoze covers its weaknesses to Electric and Poison. Really helps with Fire Blast and Solar Beam. - Focus Blast / Thunderbolt. Hariyama @ Silk Scarf Power-Up Punch is better just because it will always raise Attack and is 100% accurate. Don't know how to get it easily? - Strength Ability: Snow Cloak Deadly against Dragon types and can use Shadow Ball on fellow Psychics. This little guy is really good, and try to send out before Swampert so it can use Mega Swampert's Ability (Swift Swim). Moves are after getting rid of most HMs for the E4 and Champ. Aggron @ Assault Vest The first options are for a safer playstyle, while the second set hits harder, but might kill you in the process. Each of these Pokmon brings a lot to the team. Ability: Colour Change / Protean (H). - Close Combat: Level 43 Roserade: Route 117 (Roselia), Super Training (Shiny Stone) Steel Wing- Covers Rock and Ice weaknesses Oh, goody. - Earthquake Hariyama was a lot better than expected in this playthrough. - Surf Ability: Sand Veil Gyarados @ anything Flip Turn. - Zap Cannon - Psycho Cut - Rock Slide I didn't have any items left so I just gave her a Pecha Berry. - Thunderbolt / Discharge Pickup is super useful as well, hence why it has no item. For example, Hariyama is a tank and a strong attacker. Moonblast is STAB and anti-Dragon. Ability: Clear Body - Double-Edge Crunch is very helpful against Ghost types, as the team doesnt have any Pokmon with STAB Dark or Ghost moves. - Fire Blast / Flamethrower. - Crunch Very fast, with high Special Attack but low defenses. - Stone Edge Thunderbolt is a strong electric move that is helped by Gardevoir's high Special Attack, especially helpful against Wallace and Steven's Skarmory. Dig can be used in the same way as an Escape Rope to escape caves and Surf can be used to surf at a normal speed (since we also have Sharpedo in the party). Medicham is a great Pokemon with good stats and a good movepool. Who needs an Uber starter and the only Grass/Dragon type? A bit of a hassle to get, but I do really like Froslass, so I've included her. Thunderbolt / Discharge: Thunderbolt is the better move but Discharge is amazing if used in a Double Battle with Mega Sceptile, giving the latter a Special Attack boost and damaging the other enemies. Ability: Levitate - Moonblast I won't list the locations of the HM's since they're needed to complete the game anyway. - Rock Smash (HM) - Focus Blast / Brick Break. Magnezone is easily one of the best, if not the best, Electric-types in the game, only contested by Manectric. Swampert: Starter (Mudkip) - Waterfall It can even learn Blizzard or Ice Beam to deal with Grass Pokemon by itself, but it isn't. - Close Combat - Ice Beam Mega Aggron is a less balanced tank, which is more applicable in some situations. Ability: Pickup - Confuse Ray. - Boomburst / Hyper Voice Stealth Rock. Earthquake is through Heart Scale as well! X-Scissor and Flamethrower are also coverage, and Swords Dance is to set up. Gardevoir @ anything - Close Combat / Brick Break Ideally, comment on more than just the four moves you'll . Walrein and Milotic are both good Water type Pokemon. Earthquake. - Astonish (starting move) > Poison Fang (Level 27). Another awesome Pokemon that can be Mega Evolved, but remember that only one Pokemon can Mega Evolve per fight. - Rock Slide / Aerial Ace / Shadow Claw. Waterfall and Crunch are physical STAB. Surf is needed quite a bit, but Dive and Waterfall really aren't, so they can safely be switched for one another at any given time. - Surf Ability: Thick Fat Hey, gotta deal with 'em somehow! - Earthquake - Extrasensory / Shadow Ball. - Grass Knot. Gardevoir @ Miracle Seed / Rocky Helmet - Earth Power Linoone @ any item 2) Mega Evolution Speed Boost allow me to outspeed many high-levelled Pokemon. - Psychic This is a list of major battles the team will have to contend with. - Strength. Please be sparing with images and formatting. - Dragon Pulse: from Battle Resort Move Tutor for 12BP - Hypnosis TM Shadow Ball: Mt. It can be given a Wacan Berry in case Salamence connects with a Thunder Punch, but its very difficult to lose this battle. - Waterfall / Surf / Dive -Moonblast Echoed Voice was my Swablu's best buddy till it evolved and I just couldn't part with it, not to mention how much better it gets with Pixilate. The first team on this list that wasn't just Hoenn all over I like this team. Pelipper is a mandatory teammate because it provides free rain with its ability Drizzle while checking Keldeo, one of the best checks to Mega Swampert. Just don't use against a Grass type. Swmapert can also be an HM slave. Also raichu is one of my favorite pokemon. - Brick Break Aside from giving you free stuff, Linoone also doubles as a pretty good HM user, and a decent battle Pokemon with only Headbutt. Is a TM slave a thing? Waterfall is its strongest physical Water STAB while doubling as an HM, while Earthquake is here for obvious reasons. - X-Scissor - Shadow Ball Swampert @Swampertite/Whatever else you'd like Swampert is the aforementioned starter that's an absolute beast in competitive matches and can carry teams in PVE. While it is an HM slave, I do recommend you use it in battle as well. Spam Surf on Swampert, which Gyarados resists, and use Crunch with Gyarados on either Pokemon. Your call. Double Edge is general coverage as a very strong move, especially given the Rock Head Ability. Rock Head is a must for Double-Edge. Sceptile has a nice physical movepool, so it's highly viable to have Leaf Storm as your sole special move and 3 other physical moves to allow Sceptile to stay in after using Leaf Storm. There is also a lot of water in Hoenn, so you'll probably battle a lot of trainers with Water Pokemon in the game as well. This is the newest addition to the team. But now I do, and this Pokmon takes great advantage of its great ability: Huge Power. Ability: Overgrow -> Lightning Rod Sludge Bomb Every team needs a Psychic type and Gardevoir is a great pick. - Psychic With Mega Sceptile's high Special Attack, it's a great filler move, plus it seems to come in handy a lot (other than its bad accuracy). Pyre Sceptile @ Sceptilite You can use Aqua Tail instead of Waterfall if you'd like, but I like the flinch Waterfall can give you. You can also take on Winona with Stone Edge, but it is not recommended. Knock Off: Good coverage move, removes items. - Moonblast: Level 62 or Move Reminder in Fallarbor Town - Megahorn Swampert is an amphibian-like Pokmon with a bulky frame and four thick limbs, the two longer ones at the front serving as arms while the shorter limbs provide support for the creature if it chooses to stand upright. - Thunderbolt: TM24 after New Mauville quest Lilycove City Rival: Swellow and Wailord fall to Manectric, and Magcargo goes down to Swampert. What is a good in-game team for Scarlet and Violet? Medicham @ Medichamite - Strength - Fly Stone Edge: Lilycove Department Store There are some strategies used in a Nuzlocke that arent necessarily helpful in a casual run, like equipping specific berries. - Rain Dance / Rock Slide / Hammer Arm. - Fake Out / Focus Blast, Jolteon @ Air Balloon - Confusion (Level 4) > Psychic (Level 30) Base 80 power and 100 accuracy make great use of its high Special Attack. Best Team for Hoenn ft. Zeldawars MysticUmbreon 581K subscribers Join Subscribe 27K 2.7M views 6 years ago Hey guys welcome to the Best Team For Hoenn. Dollface (Banette) @ Banettite Ice Beam: Powerful STAB. He destroys everything. If you choose not to evolve your Magneton and just give him the Eviolite from Route 123, he has less HP and less in both Attacks than Magnezone, but every other stat gets better. Linoone = Pick Up - Dragon Claw Strength because you need a Strength user and it's a decent move. - Ice Beam I would suggest adding a Mega Stone to it, so it can actually use good Flying STAB, but that isn't available until after the postgame, to it's in the same boat as Swampert's Ice Punch, i.e. It can stand on its three-toed feet with a hunched posture, and pick up or grab objects with its hands, but when moving about it tends to run . While Treecko might not be the best starter available, it certainly can still hold his own against Hoenn, especially because there is loads of water (insert IGN joke here). Of course Ghost is a problem, but if your entire team is wiped and Linoone is your only surviving Pokemon, you're in serious trouble anyway. The Ability doesnt matter much, but it was fun to block Drakes Flygons from using Ground moves after Levitate was Traced. - Psychic Creepy Pokedex entries aside, this Pokmon has great Speed. Break Aggrons Sturdy with Quick Attack, and switch to Gyarados on an Earthquake to OHKO with Waterfall. - Stone Edge: TM71 from Lilycove Department Store for 30k Pokedollars. Now if you want. The moves give the best coverage he can have. Ability: Static Your choice of Ralts evolution. Finally an early Earthquaker! Swampert is very strong. - Rock Slide / Stone Edge / Facade / Dive. Once you get the EXP Share, however, levelling it up becomes trivial. Thunder Wave / Hidden Power [Ice]: Always try for Hidden Power [Ice] for coverage, but otherwise Thunder Wave to catch stuff and paralyse an enemy. [emailprotected] Expert Belt - Fly Ability: Torrent Banette helps against Phoebe and Sceptile, Walrein or Milotic can all handle Drake. Item: Black Glasses - Iron Tail. - Flash Cannon An awesome tank that can take physical hits very well. - Ice Punch. Ninetales @ Charcoal - Flamethrower - Water Gun (starting move) > Surf (HM obtained after defeating Norman) Gallade Item: Cameruptite or Charcoal - Dragon Claw U-turn- Good power, allows you to switch Pokemon without wasting a turn. Leech Seed and Toxic wears the opponent down. - Psycho Cut - Shadow Claw / Brave Bird Brick Break is a filler, taking advantage of the Fighting type's usefulness. - Iron Head You can get Tentacruel pretty easily and early on, and it'll serve as good HM slave for all the water you need to deal with in Hoenn. Ability: Pressure / Super Luck --> Magic Bounce - Magic Coat Toxic / Toxic Spikes - Again, your call. Slash is STAB and has a high critical rate, Shadow Sneak gives him priority (and turns him into a Ghost-type with Protean, covering his Fighting weakness), and Brick Break and Aerial Ace are just for further coverage (or type-transformation with Protean). - Crunch: Level 41 I was just looking through for some ideas for my team and I think a Sceptile team is pretty good like this: Sceptile @ Sceptilite - Surf Need I said more? - Swords Dance. Ability: Lightning Rod / Static You could go mixed or choose Leaf Blade in place of Giga Drain and run Brick Break in place of Leaf Storm and go physical, although his base Attack isn't great compared to his Special Attack. Ability: Immunity Hariyama I decided to use Bulk Up as Poison Jab is pretty hard to get, and I simply didn't have the patience. Strength will be the main move used until Aqua Tail is learned. Tentacruel Since I decided to play through the game with the Exp. - Stone Edge Fake Out / Rock Slide / Power-Up Punch: Fake Out for some damage, Rock Slide helps against Flying types and Power-Up Punch is STAB that raises Attack. - Moonblast Quick question, what would be a good froslass alternitive? Strength Winona: Manectric is a good answer to most of her team, but Gyarados may be necessary to Ice Fang her Altaria. - Steel Wing 5) Great typing facing trainers like Sidney & Norman. Because it is.) - Extrasensory Ability: Flash Fire If you can't get it, Hyper Voice is the next best bet. Ability: Synchronize / Trace --> Pixilate - Endeavor You can include items, abilities, etc. Personally, I just catch the first Ralts I come across. - Steel Wing, Item: anything Ability: Static / Lightning Rod Also useful against Steven's Metagross. Ice Beam- Good power, covers Grass weakness - Meteor Mash / Power-Up Punch - Flamethrower After spending a while hunting, I found a Shroomish on DexNav and it had Drain Punch so that was cool :0 I gave her the Silk Scarf because I didn't have any other items. - Fake Out (Level 10) Sceptile is easily taken care of with Crobats Acrobatics. This makes it a great defensive lead for a team that needs a reliable entry hazard setter. - Thunder Wave / Hidden Power [Ice] Here's his set-up: Gallade @ Galladite Kecleon @ Expert Belt Wally (Walrein) @ Never-Melt Ice - Zen Headbutt The Soothe Bell should be used until Golbat evolves, after which point Acrobatics is more effective with no item. Gallade Greta (Gardevoir) @ Gardevoirite They're pointless in-game. - Rock Smash, Swellow @ anything - Stone Edge: see above My current team (in Alpha Sapphire) is Mega Blaziken (I lost my Blazikenite due to save data being erased somehow), Mega Gardevoir, Shiftry (From bros' Omega Ruby), Vigiroth, Swampert, and Skarmory. I couldn't have Gardevoir as they are both Psychic-type, and the road to Gallade is pretty tough on Kirlia, so I decided on Meditite, and I was pretty happy with my decision. Spike (Cacturne) @ Miracle Seed Swampert @ Soft Sand Linoone @ None If you recommend a Pokemon that is restricted by version exclusivity, trade evolution or events, please, Do not recommend Pokemon, moves, etc. - Psyshock: TM03 at Pacifidlog Town. - Steel Wing (TM) But anyways, Swampert is a great pick because he fills the spot for the Water HM user and he has a great movepool. The Diantha look-alike set would be ideal considering Hyper Voice is useless if I Mega Evolve Blaziken, but if you want to invest fully in Gardevoir, go ahead. - Quick Attack The moveset listed above was just the one I went with, but you have plenty of options for experimentation. Dragon STAB is surprisingly rare in Hoenn and hits a lot of things for fantastic neutral damage. - Hone Claws Because his Attack was already pretty good compared to his Special Attack, there's no doubt about whether or not it would be a physical set. mario party card designs, the real students from stand and deliver, bobby trendy real estate,

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