Port of Arrival: New York Arrival Date: 24-Aug-1854, Ship Name: Edgar P Stringer 6, from Bade, CLAUS: Mathias 53, Madelaine 40, Mathias 17, Martin 16, Madelaine 22, Gerg Arrival Date: 11-Apr-1881, Ship Name: France Le Havre, France Port of arrival: New Orleans, Louisiana Ship Charlemagne 25 May 1854 Port of departure: Le Havre, France C-4528 and the LDS microfilm 0889448 contain the full passenger lists for all ships arriving at Quebec in 1873. Marie infant; from Alsatia, HIMMELMANN: Christian 59, Emma 21, Henrich 6, August 5, Dorothea 11/12, BURGHAUS: Johann 48, Marie 42, Franz 9, Johann 4, Regina 3, Josef 3/12; from Germany, DRECHSLER: Carl 38, Hanna 38, Anna 6, Selma 5, Otto 4, Oswald 3, Louise 3/12, Gottlieb 7, STABEL: M. (male) 25, Mrs. (female) 25, M. (male) 30 (from Switzerland), KOCHER: Louis 61, Marguerite 62, Monique 26, Felix 18 (from "Germany Bad"), HERVA? Port of Departure: Le Havre When the British attempted to invade Puerto Rico in 1797, many of the French immigrants offered their services to the Spanish colonial government in Puerto Rico in defense of the Island that had taken them in when they fled from the Louisiana "Territory" of the United States. All content on these electronic pages may NOT be obtained by unacceptable means Infants are listed separately at the end of the list, and include: KLOEPFER: Alexander 2, Emil 10 months; from France, GOTZ: Barbara 34, Elizabeth 9, Matilda? Arrival Date: 09-Sep-1872, Ship Name: The Queen She may be contacted at [emailprotected]. Port of Arrival: New York Port of Departure: Le Havre Arrival Date: 28-May-1881, Ship Name: Amerique archives, French genealogy, immigration, Le Havre, passenger lists, ships, vessels. See Also: Arrival Date: 23-Apr-1853, Ship Name: Liberty Port of Departure: Le Havre Passenger Lists from 1928-1956 available from the GG Archives from Canada. : M237 Microfilm Number: 12 List Number: 420 These are some of the passengers: PAULINS: Martin 32, Catherine 30, Clare 7, Nicholas 5, Martin 3, Anthony 9 months; from France BATT: John 40, Flora 40, Xavia 21, Theresa 20, Magdalina 18; from France NOVIER (XAVIER? Such information was actually not taken on passenger lists until the 20th century. A word of caution, these lists will be written in the language native to the country where the records are generated. -- Larry. Arrival Date: 06-May-1875, Ship Name: France Port of Departure: Liverpool Arrival Date: 21-Mar-1883, Ship Name: France Boats arriving in Baltimore were split between City of Baltimore port and Baltimore. STRACK: Amalia 37, Regine 8, Michel 5, Louise 11mos. French colonization, especially in the Americas, was prominent in the late 17th and 18th centuries. Note: Typically, only the origination and final destination ports are listed in each link. One can search by the name of a member of the crew, of his parents, of a passenger, of a vessel, of the owners, and more. The war had killed approximately 825,000 indigenous Algerians since 1830." 7; from France, BEISWINGER: Georg 28, Jacob 18; from France, HERON: Pierre 22, Auguste 26; from France, DARD: Charles 46, Anne Randall? The Government of Canada did not keep records of people leaving the country; there are no passenger lists for departures from Canadian ports. Arrival Date: 23-Apr-1857, Ship Name: Edgar P Stinger There are many misspellings on the arrival side. 1827 Ship Crescent 29 January Ship Harriett 9 July. Port of Departure: Le Havre Most passengers from mainland Europe sailed to Great Britain, where they boarded trans-Atlantic ships at ports such as Liverpool, London and Glasgow. It is situated in north-western France, on the right bank of the mouth of the river Seine on the English Channel. Suggestions? Records of French Emigrants in Their Destination Nations, One option is to look for records about the ancestor in the. Gradually, dissatisfaction among the Muslim population, which lacked political and economic status under the colonial system, gave rise to demands for greater political autonomy and eventually independence from France. Port of Arrival: New York Taxis line up at the pier, and you'll find a list of fares in the cruise terminal. Arrival Date: 08-Feb-1881, Ship Name: City of Montreal or BUCHLER? Many people in the French-Australian community now originate from, The Basques are a people who live between the Bay of Biscay and the Pyrenees Mountains. "Armenian population by country", in Wikipedia. Arrival Date: 27-Aug-1853, Ship Name: Susan Hinks Port of Departure: Le Havre Port of Arrival: New York Frenchmen made up 41.5% of immigrants to Uruguay between 1835 and 1842, representing the main source of immigration to the country. If you are using emigration/immigration records to find the name of your ancestors' town in France, see France Finding Town of Origin for additional research strategies. Posted at 14:37 | Permalink 36?, Marie 34? if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[320,100],'ggarchives_com-box-3','ezslot_1',123,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-ggarchives_com-box-3-0');Le Havre is a city in the Seine-Maritime department of the Haute-Normandie region in France. Ship Jane D. Cooper 25 June An The database here. From National Archives Microfilm Roll #M259-27 (which covers June 16-Dec 31, 1847) For all passengers: "the country to which they severally belong" -- "Baden". SS Wieland 15 February Port of Arrival: New York Port of Departure: London Arrival Date: 10-Jan-1852, Ship Name: Samuel M Fox In 2006, it was estimated that around 6 million Argentines had some degree of French ancestry, up to 17% of the total population. Port of Arrival: New York : Victoria? About 77 miles by water from Le Havre, Rouen is at the head of navigation for ocean-going ships. Paris, the essential interior port, is about 145 miles by water from Rouen and 222 miles from Le Havre. Her third-class passenger capacity was increased to 1,000. Adelaide Metcalf 28 March, 1860 The following is an index of over 101 ship lists containing Doukhobor passengers who arrived in Canada in between 1898-1899, 1902-1906, 1909-1914 and 1925-1932. Ship Rattler 2 September, 1855 Le Havre, France to New York . And in regard to the port of Le Havre, it is most definitely not the case. Port of Arrival: New York In total, 668 settlers were brought from France to populate the colony. Arrival Date: 08-Jun-1881, Ship Name: General Werder Port of Departure: Le Havre and Brest Port of Arrival: New York New road connections have been built since; among the most notable is the Pont de Normandie, which connects the two banks of the Seine and reduces traveling time between Honfleur and Le Havre to less than 15 minutesLe Havre is naturally separated into two areas by a cliff. Item: Passenger lists of the ROCHAMBEAU arriving in New York, NY on 1912-09-09 1 2 3. C-4528 and the LDS microfilm 0889448 contain the full passenger lists for all ships arriving at Quebec in 1873. One page of the RMS Ivernia passenger list, Le Havre to Montreal - 25 April 1959. Port of Departure: Le Havre, France and Plymouth, England Post card photo of the RMS Ivernia - 25 April 1959. SS Wieland 4 October Please see Terms and Conditions to obtain additional information. Emigrants from Le Havre to Canada via Liverpool in 1873 . Arrival Date: 08-Nov-1851, Ship Name: Admiral They are arranged by port and date of arrival, with the exception of some years between 1919 and 1924, when an individual Form 30A was used. Port of Arrival: New York : Samuel 44, Catherine 42, Catherine 15, ___? The emigration process was more than just the act of getting on the ship. Port of Arrival: New York letter to Brian Matches and Possible Matches for the Passengers on This Page, Matches and Possible Matches Joseph 58, Anna Barb. This port is now one of France's great military ports and was not visited by the Commission. As we explained in one of our lectures, the Departmental Archives websites are not genealogy websites. 46, Marguerite 42, Maria 18, Marguerite 16; from France, SCHMETZER: Fr. The consequent lack of ships and rapid advances in ocean freight rates have hampered commerce, for the chief concern has been to obtain the products required for military operations. 38, Georges 8, Josephine 6, Theresa infant; from Alsatia, SCHNEIDER, Mad (female) 56, Alois 17, Josephine 33? Passenger lists exist for the following ports of entry: List of Ports, Dates and Microfilm Reel Numbers. In the Western Hemisphere, the main communities of French ancestry are found in the. Arrival Date: 17-Jan-1854, Ship Name: Heidelberg Port of Arrival: New York Some of the best lists of passengers leaving France are in the documents handed over by the captain when the ship returned to Le Havre. window.__mirage2 = {petok:"W7SDsLtI38z4OwmGKftXq9MXGLW68gd5CJeciFaH6Lc-1800-0"}; France, passengers #657-660, HAUSSER: Augustine 2-1/2; from France, passenger #661, SCHAFFNER: Augustine 7/12; from France, passenger #662, HUBERT: Nicolas 67; from France, passenger #663, CHARROT: Elenore 22; from France, passenger #664, KIEFFER: Joseph 36, Barbara 30, Therese 24, Josephine 5, Adelaide 9, Antoinette 3/4; from Germany, HOEHN: Blaise 33, Josephine 30, Thomalson(?) She is an award-winning author of several genealogy how-to books, including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Genealogy, The Genealogist's Computer Companion, and Finding Your Famous and Infamous Ancestors. Port of Departure: Le Havre The Basque diaspora is the name given to describe people of Basque origin living outside their traditional homeland on the borders between Spain and France. Countries with large percentages of French descendants are discussed in the balance of this article. 14; from Germany #145-148, STABEL: August? According to the 2014 census, of the 73,199 Europeans in New Caledonia 36,975 were born in, Today, the great number of Puerto Ricans of French ancestry are evident in the 19% of family surnames on the island that are of French origin. Arrival Date: 01-Jul-1857, Ship Name: William Tell Form 30A Immigration records were kept during the period 1919-1924 and the alphabetical microfilm reels contain all Canadian bound passengers to all ports in Canada and to Canada via US ports. Arrival Date: 04-Aug-1828 National Archives Series No. Now, they are online and may be searched freely. Courtesy Don Norrie. Port of Arrival: New York Much documentation is held at other archives. Arrival Date: 05-Jul-1881, Ship Name: France 57, M. Madeline 24; from France, FRESSE: Joseph 45, Rosalie? 4, Catherine 3, from Bavaria? ROTH: Marianne 27, Henriette 8, Sophie 6, Francisca 4, from Bavaria, STRASSER: Antoine 52, Louis 27, Julie 21, Ferdinand 24, Antoine 22, from Arrival Date: 07-Jun-1866, Ship Name: Bellona The passenger cards usually show name, maiden surname of the spouse (including cross references), birth date or age, birthplace, parents, date and place of embarkation and debarkation, and, for French ships, the vessel's name. Also see: Finding New Orleans Passenger Lists [on this website] to Oregon Of course, the map does not indicate that part of the harbor works, which serve as a base for the British expeditionary force. The information that you may find on these records could include the name of the individual along with their age, the name of a close relative or traveling companion, and either their last residence in the home country or their place of birth. Arrival Date: 07-Jun-1856, Ship Name: Danube Few such lists have survived and can be found within various collections. Le Havre Departing Passenger Lists Are Online! The emigration process was more than just the act of getting on the ship. Port of Arrival: New York Port of Arrival: New York The information in these records may include the name of the emigrant, age, occupation; usually include the place of origin and destination; and sometimes include the reason for leaving. 25, Friedch. please submit a short paragraph about the passenger, where settled, children, etc., with the name of the ship and date of arrival, and send to the transcriber at the bottom . Port of Arrival: New York Other intermediary ports of call are not listed. A 1.5-hour taxi tour of Le Havre costs about 60 EUR for up to four people . Port of Departure: Le Havre and Brest mysterious disappearances in the woods, yankees old timers day 2021 tickets,

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